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Superblock 604800 Pre-Proposals

on Fri Sep 21, 2018 12:32 pm
If submitting proposals:
1) Submit your pre-proposal in this thread.
2) Post your final proposal to the Superblock 604800 Pre-Proposal thread.
3) Submit the proposal to the network
More detailed instructions here:

Information to include in the proposal(if applicable):
- Proposal title, as shown on the proposal submitted to the network(18 character limit)
- A description of what is being proposed
- Rationale and further explanation of proposal & background info
- Technical explanation/agenda of feature/proposal
- Estimated time for components in the proposal
- Teams/person undertaking the work
- Cost assessment: Are these expenses coming from the Superblock or community funds? Which community fund is it coming from? What's the total cost with and without the Superblock fee(10 BLOCK)
- Fund custodians
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