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Superblock 129600 - Bug Bounty & Community Fund

on Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:34 pm
This is a proposal to create a bug bounty and other community funds from the redeem funds.

Reallocate the redeem funds in order to support the long term goals of the Blocknet.

Proposal 1: Bug Bounty Fund
Amount: 50,000 BLOCK
Purpose: Used to incentivize white hat hacking and general improvements

Proposal 2: Ecosystem Growth Fund
Amount: 20,000 BLOCK
Purpose: Used to develop useful tools, resources, tutorials, etc.  

Proposal 3: Rainy Day Fund
Amount: 20,000 BLOCK
Purpose: Used as a reserve emergency fund for any unforseen issues and expenses.

Proposal 4: PR Fund
Amount: 10,000 BLOCK
Purpose: Used to increase outreach and awareness of Blocknet

Proposal 5: Development Fund
Amount: 10,000 BLOCK
Purpose: Use to cover the costs of the development teams. Excess funds not used for this Superblock payment will be used as an interim payment fund to compensating additional contributors that begin tasks before a proposal period.

Proposal 6: Ledger (Secure HW Wallet) Fund
Amount: 10,000 BLOCK
Purpose: Used for development of Ledger hardware support and future maintenance, updates and support.

Proposal 7: Legal Fund
Amount: 10,000 BLOCK
Purpose: Used to seek legal council on various questions surrounding the liability of the project members regulatory compliance.

Proposal 8: Burn Fund
Amount: Approximately 172,000 BLOCK (remaining unallocated BLOCK)
Purpose: Remove the excess exploited funds from circulation.

Total Cost Assessment:
Superblock - 0 BLOCK
Redeem Fund - 130,000 BLOCK for Community Funds
Redeem Fund - Approximately 172,000 BLOCK to Burn Fund

How To Vote

  • Open wallet and go to Tools > Debug Console. The debug console will open in a new window.
  • In the console, type in the following:
    mnbudget vote c5e08153d22387c7824ced0383e67007880b034c76f73c37e6f14fda61904ae8 yes
  • If voting from the terminal, type in the following:
    blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote c5e08153d22387c7824ced0383e67007880b034c76f73c37e6f14fda61904ae8 yes

For more detailed instructions see:
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