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Superblock 820800 Final Proposals Empty Superblock 820800 Final Proposals

on Sun Feb 24, 2019 7:33 pm
Below are the proposals for Superblock 820800. Proposals are being submitted to the forum individually as replies to this post, so please take your time to look over each proposal.

The voting for these proposals will end on block 817920, but your node must remain active until block 820800 for your vote to count.

For instructions on how to vote, see: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d0AS4lFVB7rkigE5hlVE58wWHO7gQCrNCmatUDRZwRg/preview

If submitting proposals:
1) Submit a pre-proposal to the Superblock 820800 Pre-Proposal thread.
2) Update proposal with feedback if necessary.
3) Post your final proposal in this thread.
4) Submit the proposal to the network
More detailed instructions here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Arcd8GRTNLF5PxNST3cT_cyWW6BoxeRa6qseYYm9Gp4/preview

Information to include in the proposal (if applicable):
- Proposal title, as shown on the proposal submitted to the network(18 character limit)
- A description of what is being proposed
- Rationale and further explanation of proposal & background info
- Technical explanation/agenda of feature/proposal
- Estimated time for components in the proposal
- Teams/person undertaking the work
- Cost assessment: Are these expenses coming from the Superblock or community funds? Which community fund is it coming from? What's the total cost with and without the Superblock fee(10 BLOCK)
- Fund custodians
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Superblock 820800 Final Proposals Empty Core Development Proposal

on Tue Feb 26, 2019 7:11 pm
Proposal: michael-dev-mar
Proposals url: https://goo.gl/vzZ2jv

February recap:
The main focus of the month is fixing XRouter and working towards an official beta launch. If you would like to see progress, please visit https://github.com/BlocknetDX/blocknet/commits/fix-xrouter Current tasks include improving XRouter connection handling, fixing the fee system, adding multi-threading, fixing the custom plugin system, improving the XRouter wallet connections, and many additional performance improvements and bug fixes. The goal is to wrap up XRouter beta in March.

To vote on my proposal (5700 BLOCK):

mnbudget vote e16e1e197a4a19dacb17bb206ffedfb1edd9461d6d9d8764a01ab42d671d6e4b yes/no

Ongoing Tasks
- XRouter Beta development (handoff from previous team and bug fixes)

Other tasks
- Improved handling of pending orders affected by a Blocknet client is shutdown and restart
- Refundable trade fees (for failed orders)
- Wallet Redesign UI fixes & improvements
- Development discussions
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Superblock 820800 Final Proposals Empty Block DX Javascript Development

on Tue Feb 26, 2019 7:27 pm
Proposal: blockdx-js-dev-mar
Url: https://goo.gl/FiZWkg

To vote on the Block DX Javascript Developer proposal (1710 BLOCK):

mnbudget vote 4a8b2fdc9b442372d665140736525c23501580478319697e186bbb4a0ae7452f yes/no

This proposal is for funding javascript development on Block DX.

Upcoming Tasks
- Fix copy/paste issues
- DX setup fixes
- General settings screen updates
- Performance improvements
- Ongoing dev on bug fixes
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Superblock 820800 Final Proposals Empty Build/Test Server Costs

on Tue Feb 26, 2019 7:51 pm
Proposal: buildserver-cost-mar
Url: https://goo.gl/gdsYEL

To vote on the Build/Test Server monthly costs (310 BLOCK):

mnbudget vote 9e01c4b2971728b22dad76d7e59e46b6003bb53632f6c2478cba51daef0686e1 yes/no

This build and test server is responsible for auto-generating all of the dev builds for Linux, Mac, Windows and is extremely important for QA testing as well as for validating Blocknet's code on github. It also allows the community to beta test our upcoming releases.
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Superblock 820800 Final Proposals Empty Re: Superblock 820800 Final Proposals

on Wed Feb 27, 2019 2:57 pm
Proposal: Social_Philip_Mar

Ongoing tasks:

Maintain and manage the social media profile of Blocknet on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, BTCTalk, Youtube, Medium and other platforms.
Ensure communications from the developers and marketing team can be transmitted in a clear and timely manner to the community.
Respond to the community.
Compile and write regular newsletter.
Contribute to various marketing materials and initiatives.
Write press releases and news updates.
Write and create articles for specific initiatives.
Manage, source, correspond and coordinate payments to news and media outlets.
Participate in strategy discussions as part of the strategy group.

Recent and forthcoming tasks

Now that Coin announcements have resumed, I am working with the UAT team and representatives of various tokens regarding the scheduling of announcements and the creation of new Coin Hub pages moving forward.
The regular Token/Coin recap articles have now resumed in conjunction with the next phase of Block DX token announcements.
4 articles have been written and an in-depth DX comparison chart has been created in preparation for the Block DX marketing push. Some articles have now been reviewed but are still awaiting links to “how to” videos that are integral to the articles. The comparison chart has has some new additions which are also awaiting review.
Since the departure of the marketing director and co-brand lead, I am now responsible for an estimated 90% of the current social media output across Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, BTCTalk, Instagram, and Medium.

Cost Assessment:
2.3 BLOCK per hour / 4 hours per day @ $3.00 per BLOCK.
A fixed amount of 275 BLOCK (Plus 10 BLOCK fee)
Total: 275 BLOCK from Superblock

If this proposal passes but is bumped from the Superblock due to there not being enough room, this will be paid out from the Marketing Fund.


mnbudget vote 54d73bbca7431d6674c10e0f4fe9ed9299bba4e21fcfeea653dde4470c8b1de6 yes/no
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Superblock 820800 Final Proposals Empty Core Infrastructure Proposal

on Wed Feb 27, 2019 6:38 pm
Proposal: atc-dev-sb820800
Proposals url: bit.ly 2Ua1sRm
Block Amount: 175

Server costs:
- Gitian build system
- Seed nodes mainnet
- Seed nodes testnet
- Forum

Current costs avg $500 per month for server hosting, and maintenance.


   mnbudget vote eee3f86d94f929e7fd4429c41474fe2d6cebf995f78d8dcb54c2db9933bc1ce0 yes/no

Additional tasks:
- updating build pipeline to include sha256 sums
- maintain/update new dx forum

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Superblock 820800 Final Proposals Empty BlockDX MarketMaker Proposal

on Wed Feb 27, 2019 6:46 pm
Proposal: atc-mm-sb820800
Proposals url: bit.ly 2Xt7A9t
Block Amount: 635
Market Maker (MM) for BlockDX markets:
- ltc/block
- ltc/dash
- ltc/sys
- ltc/digi
- ltc/doge
- ltc/pivx

Costs $1800 per month

Bringing liquidity to BlockDX is critical for its adoption.  The MM strategy will also include arbitraging against other exchanges (both cex/dex).  There are no “start-up” costs associated with this proposal.

mnbudget vote 97c7fd1fa84b042734107348f33d0ee8b8eed1ca5a385c6dcbe82182a0b99263 yes/no

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Superblock 820800 Final Proposals Empty Re: Superblock 820800 Final Proposals

on Thu Feb 28, 2019 2:45 am
Proposal: hanniabu-820800
Owner: Hanni Abu | @hanniabu on Discord/Telegram
URL: bit.ly 2BVOBLB
Total: 3900 BLOCK
mnbudget vote 72068922956d949261cdefc0c1621e8cade8f61086bcfc77fe85bd917c0b2f1a yes/no


As a core contributor of Blocknet, I take part in many daily tasks that help keep the project running smoothly, as well as larger tasks that move Blocknet forward. Putting in an average 60 hours a week, I partake in projects that build Blocknet's foundation and assist in other projects in order to help meet objectives. This proposal is for compensation to allow me to continue contributing to Blocknet for the next upcoming Superblock period.

I have a technical background with a degree in mechanical engineering, prior development experience, and have spent a few years a a few early stage startups (pre and post seed round). This experience helps in various aspects of the project including working in a fast-paced environment, wearing multiple 'hats', pivoting priorities and tasks, understanding the project technicals and vision, communicating the different components, conveying concepts into diagrams and text, and budgeting and financials.

Attention to detail is another useful trait. When reviewing interface UI and user experience, performing QA, writing specifications and documents, and communicating concepts, this attention to detail is important as it's typically the intricacies that make a difference.

Past Contributions
I began contributing in August 2017 when I saw there were areas the project could use help in. The first thing I worked on was an informational website (blocknetprotocol.com) since informational resources we lacking. This led to submitting my first Superblock proposal that next month for further contribution.

Since then I have been responsible for multiple projects and tasks, as well have assisted in others. Some of these items are as follows:

- API documentation (https://api.blocknet.co/)
- New configurations file format: https://github.com/BlocknetDX/blockchain-configuration-files
- Compose documentation (https://docs.blocknet.co)
- Compose content
- Compose specifications
- Wallet QA (MacOS)
- Block DX QA (MacOS)
- Block DX development
- Website development
- Participate in interviews
- Roadmap discussion
- Manage and organize files and documents
- Review announcements and publications
- Convention prep, attending convention, and followups
- Newsletter content, review, and submission
- Release announcements, posts, and emails
- Respond to questions from the community
- Respond to emails
- Fill out applications and forms

Past Month
Below is a list of items I have been working on the past Superblock period.

- Daily intra-team communication and coordination
- Reviewed/finalized the newsletter
- Submitted newsletter email
- Coordinate with exchanges and services for wallet update
- Continued documentation
- Continued tutorials
- Maintenance of blockchain-configuration-files repo
- Task management of Block DX improvements
---- Manage priorities
---- Write up tasks/specs
- Review articles being prepped
- Assist UAT team with marketing efforts

In addition to daily tasks, the following list are main items I plan to be working on in the following Superblock period. Keep in mind that some of these may not be completed this upcoming Superblock period or may be pushed back due to a change in priority.

- Continued documentation
- Start looking into translation integration
- Continued wallet and Block DX tutorial videos
- Javascript library for generating, checking, compiling, and searching configs (lower priority)

Work has begun on these items with the plan to release a majority of it throughout the next month. There has been some delay on this to put focus on administrative and marketing tasks.

As a retainer to continue contributing to this project, the following amount is requested for this Superblock with payment to be made out of the community funds if the proposal passes but is bumped.

Total - 3900 BLOCK @~$2.90 BLOCK
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Superblock 820800 Final Proposals Empty Re: Superblock 820800 Final Proposals

on Thu Feb 28, 2019 3:16 am
Proposal: hanniabu-laptop
Owner: Hanni Abu | @hanniabu on Discord/Telegram
URL: bit.ly 2BVavi0
Total: 1200 BLOCK
mnbudget vote a8d36ae85a5b4e9a4864ac538b3e2f169189436f172f719fcfbc7c61f794073d yes/no

This proposal is to cover the costs of a computer which would enable me to work more efficiently and add more value to the project. The benefits of this are:
- Less wasted time performing QA tasks. The computer I currently use has difficulties running multiple programs and consistently lags, for example when trying to run 2 wallets and Block DX at the same time.
- A high resolution screen with the ability to scale down to lower resolutions is useful in QA and development to test how the UI looks for users of various resolutions.
- Less wasted time performing development tasks as compiling would be significantly faster. It would also lower the barrier for starting development on the wallet where currently it would take extensive amounts of time to compile the wallet for testing.
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Superblock 820800 Final Proposals Empty UAT - 820800

on Thu Feb 28, 2019 1:11 pm
UAT Team
Team consists of 86b, aderks, and Fattox.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of tasks we will aim to spend our time on. Some tasks will take priority over others, based on many variables, but we will aim to cover both 'roles' in a efficient and sufficient manner, based on what makes the most sense at the time. Please be aware that due to the necessity of managing our time and prioritising these tasks, based on how critical they are, it may not be possible to address every single point listed below. But rest-assured, our team will aim to work in a way which is the most optimal and beneficial to the project, at any given time.

Role #1 - UAT/QA/Integrations:

  • Support services
  • Integration strategy
  • Product analysis
  • Bug reporting, error tracking, and logging
  • Collaboration with other projects and teams
  • New coin integration, confirming, and corresponding QA
  • Genesis testing
  • Exploit checks
  • Communicating with partners and project delegates
  • XRouter testing and QA
  • Block DX UI QA
  • Wallet release QA
  • Auto configuration testing and QA

Role #2 - Marketing:

  • Coin Announcements lifecycle: from initial integration/QA to community/partner outreach and coordination of announcements/support.
  • Helping to support and promote the DX to communities that are integrated in to our protocol, both old and new..
  • Pushing awareness of Blocknet throughout the communities of our supported projects and partners.
  • Creating content for Blocknet’s Social Media and driving traffic to our site and community channels.
  • Collaborating on the creation and maintenance of documentation: EG Tutorials, resources, informative articles and other content, for both our community and a wider audience.
  • Dealing with the necessary communication and discussions with any potential partners and third-parties who would like to work with us. EG: Exchanges, dev teams, projects and any other interested parties.
  • Collaborating on other developmental marketing strategies and initiatives, with both the Strategy group and the team as a whole.
  • Approaching communities within the space of Ethereum to pre-ignite the awareness and benefits of our ability to host a decentralized alternative to Infura, amongst our node networks.
  • Aiming to increase the amount of pairs available to trade via Block DX, by helping to increase the node support and maker bots available on those newly supported chains.

To vote on UAT’s proposal:
UAT-820800 - 7,800 + 10 fee = 7,810 BLOCK):
mnbudget vote 3759355b0a3ca2c6288c4effd53d27224cb64f916cbf1ae50f657ec75c9d854f yes/no
If this proposal passes but is bumped from the Superblock due to there not being enough room, this will be paid out from the Burn/Community Funds.
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Superblock 820800 Final Proposals Empty Community Projects Appreciation Fund

on Thu Feb 28, 2019 3:09 pm
Community Projects Appreciation Fund  I love you

This is a proposal to send a little love to some of our community contributors. These guys have created some invaluable tools used by both the team and the community, so we'd like to propose that a donation is made via the Superblock, in the name of the community as a whole. Rather than donating from the Community Funds, as has happened in the past, we felt that the decision and support coming directly from our community would make the appreciation of their efforts that much more apparent and meaningful.

Proposal - 100 BLOCK each to:

To vote on this proposal:
CommProj-820800 - 300 + 10 fee = 310 BLOCK):
mnbudget vote 4583b5a0403f6655e9d44336ccdfed5642ed61cbba3a7bc44f9e0f0740952bcf yes/no
If this proposal passes but is bumped from the Superblock due to there not being enough room, this will be paid out from the Burn/Community Funds.
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Superblock 820800 Final Proposals Empty UAT Physical Machine & Equipment

on Fri Mar 01, 2019 4:03 am
Proposal name:

This proposal is being made to both upgrade existing physical equipment and add new equipment to aid UAT, integration, and QA tasks.  This equipment's goal is the beginning part of the process of completely phasing out all AWS and other cloud testing environments, ultimately cutting costs over time for the project while also saving us a ton of time spent starting and stopping VPS's and fighting inferior specs to cut costs.

Purpose and details of equipment:

  • Increase storage space on existing machines
  • Increase RAM on existing machines
  • Build 1 new machine with the goal of it dedicating 24/7 services to other projects and groups testing on it
  • These specific equipment upgrades will help sustain the demands of both geth and Parity full archival nodes and data requests for ongoing testing

The estimated cost of this equipment is 1260 BLOCK


Vote from 5000 client:
mnbudget vote-many 7e1b67d512a8fffcf824ca3295ee8be310f4cb7b89aeab8665be845e5e1e6a64 yes/no

Vote from Service Node client:
mnbudget vote 7e1b67d512a8fffcf824ca3295ee8be310f4cb7b89aeab8665be845e5e1e6a64 yes/no
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Superblock 820800 Final Proposals Empty AWS February

on Sun Mar 03, 2019 2:26 am
Proposal name:


This proposal is being made to cover the total costs of our AWS expenses for the month of February.

Proposal amount:  270 BLOCK

To vote:

mnbudget vote 8284bba7de6962c6a55db2cfb43128f2fabe4b3954f8982649c191c3cc912e10 yes/no
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Superblock 820800 Final Proposals Empty Re: Superblock 820800 Final Proposals

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