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Superblock 691200 Final Proposals Empty Superblock 691200 Final Proposals

on Fri Nov 23, 2018 12:40 pm
Below are the proposals for Superblock 691200. This is the first time proposals are being submitted to the forum individually as replies to this post so please take your time to look over each proposal.

The voting for these proposals will end on block 688320, but your node must remain active until block 691200 for your vote to count.

For instructions on how to vote, see: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d0AS4lFVB7rkigE5hlVE58wWHO7gQCrNCmatUDRZwRg/preview

If submitting proposals:
1) Submit a pre-proposal to the Superblock 691200 Pre-Proposal thread.
2) Post your final proposal in this thread.
3) Submit the proposal to the network
More detailed instructions here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Arcd8GRTNLF5PxNST3cT_cyWW6BoxeRa6qseYYm9Gp4/preview

Information to include in the proposal (if applicable):
- Proposal title, as shown on the proposal submitted to the network(18 character limit)
- A description of what is being proposed
- Rationale and further explanation of proposal & background info
- Technical explanation/agenda of feature/proposal
- Estimated time for components in the proposal
- Teams/person undertaking the work
- Cost assessment: Are these expenses coming from the Superblock or community funds? Which community fund is it coming from? What's the total cost with and without the Superblock fee(10 BLOCK)
- Fund custodians
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Superblock 691200 Final Proposals Empty Re: Superblock 691200 Final Proposals

on Fri Nov 23, 2018 3:54 pm
Proposal: use-of-burn-funds
Total: 10 BLOCK
mnbudget vote 62ff17de9763abe1da52780b8f231e6c2e6b08109ea13b7062c593dd832b0782 yes/no/abstain


This proposal is for use of the Burn Fund (BpzPFJaaKQVSvfiH7zXSUdPBrBnfx9v26V). In order to ensure progress of the project is not hindered, funding needs to be secured. The Burn Fund currently contains ~127k BLOCK, which would be distributed as follows:
Ecosystem Growth Fund - 10k BLOCK
PR / Marketing Fund - 10k BLOCK
Business Development Fund - 7k BLOCK
Development Fund - 100k BLOCK

Securing this funding would:
  • Provide the assurance needed to bring on additional development resources
  • Prevent development from slowing and resources being cut

With the current funds in place (not including the Burn Fund) and assuming steady state expenses and market ($2.10/BLOCK), it is estimated that the runway is roughly 2 months. At the end of this runway, all Community Funds will be completely diminished and financing will be 100% reliant on the Superblock, at which point resources and progress will be drastically diminished. This is why the team proposes utilizing the Burn Funds.

With the use of the burn funds, again assuming steady state expenses and market ($2.10/BLOCK), it is estimated that the runway would be extended to 7 months. This runway would increase with an increase in the price of BLOCK.

The current balance of the Community Funds can be viewed here:

Total - 10 BLOCK (covers proposal submission fee)
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Superblock 691200 Final Proposals Empty Re: Superblock 691200 Final Proposals

on Sun Nov 25, 2018 9:49 am
Proposal for addition of @littleeagle and @ishkb1 to become a part of the strategy team. (Submitted by philipmarshall on behalf of said members)


As we continue to strike a balance in decentralization and pragmatism it is important to
have a channel where partnerships, prioritization and performance can be discussed. The Strategy channel offers this.

Following on from the recent addition of Discord community member @redactedman to the stratagy channel, the strategy team would like to propose another two additions to the strategy group.

Some community members are creating projects and work that is beneficial to the overall strategy of Blocknet and have been putting their ideas into action. We feel these type of contributors should be nurtured and encouraged. To that end, the strategy team would like to nominate Discord community members @littleeagle and @ishkb1 to become a part of the strategy team. If this proposal passes, it will also result in the balance of paid and unpaid members of the strategy team being more even.


Littleeagle has been undertaking various volunteered initiatives that are both useful and help raise the social media profile of Blocknet including:

Creation of Block DX trade monitoring site: https://blockdx.co/
Creation of the auto-mentions Discord bot which tracks mentions of Blocknet-related terms on Reddit and BTCtalk in realtime and relays them to the Blocknet Discord for engagement.
Creation of a new subreddit on Interoperability protocols to build awareness of Blocknet as an interoperability protocol.: https://www.reddit.com/r/InteropProtocols/
Added Blocknet to https://github.com/evbots/dex-protocols site and https://github.com/distribuyed/index site.
Created Blocknettalk.com forum which automatically copies over chats from Discord in real-time. The purpose of this is so Google can index Discord discussion topics to improve discoverability of Blocknet when people google Blocknet-related terms. The forum has attracted 6,000 hits since launch.
Continued contributions to ongoing chats, ideas and discussions in various discord channels.


Because these initiatives have an impact on marketing, it would be beneficial to the marketing and strategy teams, as well as to @littleeagle to work more closely on these items to ensure no duplication of work takes place and so the best outcomes for Blocknet as a whole can be achieved. In addition, @littleeagle can offer advice on web-related projects, internet marketing and search engine optimisation.

@littleeagle is not seeking a paid position or compensation.


Ishkb1 created and maintains https://block-node.info/ and has been working on the site since october 2017 on a voluntary basis. This site is a invaluable tool for Snode operators as it allows easy maintenance for the BlocknetDX nodes. The site is intended to make wallet maintenance for supported wallets easier. It currently supports the following features:
Track the latest repos posted on github for supported wallets
Allow users to compile a list of these wallets they want to track updates for on their node
Allow users to easily update and upgrade their wallet using predefined scripts which can be user audited before execution
Provide an exchange calculator based on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko to translate values between any crypto currency. This is useful for setting up new trades.
Montering of current and previous superblock proposals
A service node tracker to see the active service nodes and their supported wallets
Current open orders and those which are closed
An overview of the blockheight for all supported crypto currencies
A supported wallet overview showing more detailed info and allowing users to contact the team using the provided options
A reward calculator showing staking and node revenue
A new wallets search to allow searching for the latest wallet without having to login
An Xbridge generator as an alternative to the built in wallet version
Several different API’s to be used freely
Options to have users leave comments per wallet version so they can inform devs or other users on certain topics.
Option to have special access for a wallet dev to allow comment notification and maintenance of the crypto currency involved (like website change, github changes etc)


Blocknet nodes are a key factor of the Blocknet network and are integral to the success of the network. Improved maintenance and monitoring of nodes (as block-node-info provides) is beneficial to the entire network. The website is designed to be part of the blocknet landscape and @ishkb1 does not regard the website as being his. Because of this, it would be beneficial to the strategy and marketing teams, as well as to @ishkb1 to work more closely on these items to ensure no duplication of work takes place and so the best outcomes for Blocknet as a whole can be achieved.

@ishkb1 is not seeking a paid position compensation.

This proposal was co-created by ishkb1, littleeagle and philipmarshall with review by the rest of the strategy team.

Total - 10 BLOCK (covers proposal submission fee)

To vote

mnbudget vote 265229081f0ae1195b7bbedec66c50f16e2885cfe87751c362b69b5e0dfaa943 yes/no/abstain

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Superblock 691200 Final Proposals Empty Proposal: Art Director for @808 / Bob.

on Mon Nov 26, 2018 8:41 am
Blocknet proposal - ArtDir_808_Dec18:
Part-time position as Art Director for @808 / Bob.

Please see http s: // goo.gl/ AkKEdm for the full proposal (*manually remove spaces in the URL).

Role description and responsibilities:

@808 / Bob as Art Director, will take lead on overseeing and creating Blocknet visuals and design. In particular, Bob will work closely with other team members to find the best solutions for Blocknet’s visuals needs. This entails taking responsibility of the overall visual appearance of Blocknet and how it communicates visually, stimulates moods, contrasts features, and psychologically appeals to a target audience. Bob is given a task and figures out the visual elements, what artistic style to use, and when to use motion, stills or other means of expression.

Past contribution:

I started working for the Blocknet in December 2017 by creating the Blocknet Introduction video. This led to further collaboration as a vendor to the project.

The visuals and designs developed for the introduction movie and the designs from VSA are the foundation of what has been the visual style of the Blocknet brand today.

I have been responsible for the creation of all visuals for Blocknet.

Besides producing media, I’ve been part of Blocknet brand leads, consisting of myself, Shane, PhilipMarshall, Cryptoved and Fattox.


My goals for Blocknet are best described in the new marketing plan, since I will be closely working with the marketing team: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XBUQJ_Mzr9TVhxTkDU_NWmTfJf2JPHTBqzLroE866tE/edit


Providing community, the team & brand-leads with media content.
Working on the Protocol Webpage.
Creating Walk-through instructions for the media/ template library.
Create design elements for the Blocknet wallet.
Finishing the new roadmap and diagram template.
Creating marketing material for Block DX marketing campaign.
Continue working on the media/template library.

Cost Assessment:

Regarding the current price of Block I am lowering my salary from 3,5k/mo to 2,5k/mo (20 hours per week). Because I am on holiday for 2 weeks in December, I will be asking for half of the monthly amount:

Total 760 BLOCK (including 10 BLOCK submission fee)
(20 hours per week / $1.66 BLOCK = $1.25k/mo)

If this proposal passes but is bumped from the Superblock due to there not being enough room, this will be paid out from the Marketing Fund.


mnbudget vote 15dcab228bf4a44ab015015d3608edcdff7613e091109375c14999f9308bc574 yes/no/abstain
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Superblock 691200 Final Proposals Empty marketing-shane-691200

on Mon Nov 26, 2018 9:39 am
Role overview
* Lead team efforts in executing marketing strategies
* Manage design, copywrite, and web development vendors
* Uphold Brand Guidelines and uniform messaging
* Build relationships with every project Blocknet supports
* Handle daily marketing & administrative responsibilities
* Oversee and assist community based marketing initiatives
* Take on creative tasks that include writing, design, and media production

December Goals:
- Continue Coin Announcements 2.0 w/ use of Coin Portals
- Launch Block DX marketing campaign (Depended on Block DX security checks being released. Currently these checks are being QAed)
- Begin on Block DX Video
- Launch Diagram Asset Library
- Get feedback from community on new webpage for the Blocknet Protocol and Block DX w/ comparison charts, diagrams, etc

Total: 2300 BLOCK from Superblock (BLOCK @ $1.65)
If this proposal passes but is bumped from the Superblock due to there not being enough room, this will be paid out from the Marketing Fund.

To vote:
mnbudget vote 91960eb9354026f20c694a65f44ec75356d34b57b6ec591523c68cfe7fc05791 yes/no
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Superblock 691200 Final Proposals Empty Re: Superblock 691200 Final Proposals

on Mon Nov 26, 2018 11:21 am
XRouter Development:
The XRouter Alpha POC has been completed with payments for the 3.10.6 release, however CLTV was defered to the next release as additional API structuring was required

December Goals:
- Implement CLTV
- Finalize/Implement CLTV payments for plugins (xcloud)
- Implement on-chain DNS system for plugins

Total: 2727.5 BLOCK from Superblock (BLOCK @ $1.65) [ 2 weeks due to budget constraints ]
If this proposal passes but is bumped from the Superblock due to there not being enough room, this will be paid out from the Development Fund.

To vote:
mnbudget vote 7f4109c404e2b30c87560b62892f30f3d4286ac6ad9179754e9fe35b0cb339ea yes/no/abstain
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Superblock 691200 Final Proposals Empty UAT and QA Team Proposal

on Mon Nov 26, 2018 7:20 pm


Team consists of 86b, aderks, and Fattox

Responsibilities and Tasks:

  • Support services
  • Integration strategy
  • Product analysis
  • Bug reporting, error tracking, and logging
  • Collaboration with other projects and teams
  • New coin integration, confirming, and corresponding QA
  • Genesis testing
  • Exploit checks
  • Brand lead assistance with marketing and SMT initiatives
  • Communicating with partners and project delegates
  • XRouter testing and QA
  • Block DX UI QA
  • Wallet release QA
  • Auto configuration testing and QA

Key focuses this upcoming month include further maturing the AWS environment for version update pushes to the auto configuration repository + autotesting, updating all of our blockchain bootstraps on S3, ongoing XRouter battle testing + improvement recommendations, ongoing Blocknet-related support, plus ongoing XBridge/DX UI feature testing, error tracking, and recommendations based on chain updates.

Total:  2159 BLOCK
Includes 10 BLOCK submission fee and 10 BLOCK Final Budget submission fee

Vote from 5000 BLOCK Client:
mnbudget vote-many aaa18af13ecf8ff1c11ce778f80bf06bdc80b22e58f529c9c28a45898308c3b7 yes/no

Vote from Service Node:
mnbudget vote aaa18af13ecf8ff1c11ce778f80bf06bdc80b22e58f529c9c28a45898308c3b7 yes/no
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Superblock 691200 Final Proposals Empty Re: Superblock 691200 Final Proposals

on Tue Nov 27, 2018 6:07 am
Proposal: marketing-cryptoved2

Continuation of our Social Media Marketing:
• Social Media Content Curation (contribute posts on Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Group, Instagram and other social media)
• Collaboration & Editing of Current and Upcoming Articles
• Collaborating on Current & Upcoming Marketing Initiatives with the Marketing Team (strategies, advertisements, content, etc.)
• Brand Lead (Collaborate, oversee, coordinate & train social media teams; oversee Blocknet brand messaging along with other Brand Leads)

Cost Assessment:
A fixed amount of 1060 BLOCK ($1.65 BLOCK price, with a 30% total reduction. Note: This is the first time I have increased the requested amount of block since I began helping in May.)
Total: 1060 BLOCK from Superblock
If this proposal passes but is bumped from the Superblock due to there not being enough room, this will be paid out from the Marketing Fund.

To vote:
mnbudget vote 12e64a569a69eec96637fbba22c372f648e303c170d2b9d978e3fb5efe8ccde2 yes/no
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Superblock 691200 Final Proposals Empty Community Engagement Initiative (Marketing--Cryptoved Lead)

on Tue Nov 27, 2018 6:17 am
Proposal: marketing-initiative

Update: With a BTC donation, this project is currently 36% funded. Remaining donations needed to fund the Reward Bounties: 1000 BLOCK.

We have a strong community of loyal BLOCK holders, but we have very few superfans who consistently shout from the mountaintops about Blocknet. We need superfans to help build more excitement around using Block DX. We need many more supporters who are excited to share Blocknet and Block DX with others. This proposal intends to address this void by creating a number of new marketing strategies, including reward bounties and initiating deeper engagements with our compatible coin communities.

Our Goal: To create and encourage a growing community of passionate individuals that are excited to help spread the word about Blocknet and Block DX.

Proposed Strategies to Accomplish This Goal:
Led by @cryptoved, we will begin multiple strategies. Please see the full details in this document:

Highlights of the initiative include:
Phase One:

  • BLOCK1000 (bounty rewards for social media posts)
  • TwitterChats (Weekly AMA sessions on Twitter with team members, compatible coin communities, and influencers)
  • Welcome to the Blocknet interviews/blog series (Q&A interviews with team leaders of all the compatible coins in the form of blog posts on blocknet.co)

Phase Two:

  • Discord tipping bot (to initiate airdrops/rain of BLOCK to new Block DX users, and airdrop new announced coins to the Blocknet community)

Donation addresses:

Bitcoin (BTC):

Requested Donations for Deployment of Initiative:
1555 BLOCK (1000 BLOCK for bounty rewards fund; 555 [$1000] payment to cryptoved to organize & oversee the initiative). I am asking for BLOCK and BTC donations from the community to fund this program, and if our target isn't met, to use community funds to complete our funding.

Update: With a BTC donation, this project is currently 36% funded. Remaining donations needed to fund the Reward Bounties: 1000 BLOCK.

Please see the attached document for full details.

By voting YES to this proposal, you are approving of the start of this initiative. This proposal will be funded with donations first, and any remaining funds needed will be drawn from the community funds.
If this proposal does not pass, all donated funds will be returned to the original donors.

To vote:
mnbudget vote 4aecb486f10e5c4dc1f0cfc36169f17082061f9831aeefb3970b58e214c020bf yes/no

Last edited by cryptoved on Thu Nov 29, 2018 2:32 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : update to the current donations amount)
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Superblock 691200 Final Proposals Empty Proposal: Core Development

on Tue Nov 27, 2018 1:41 pm
Two Proposals: michael-dec-pay-1, michael-dec-pay-2
I am submitting two proposals because a single proposal no longer fits in the Superblock. Our community funds are now very important in supporting the core development of the project.

To vote on the two proposals:

mnbudget vote eb7cafb3870e08ca820c791ccdfb5d37ed1dee691b42825e1546c97186d5dbdb yes/no
mnbudget vote 47f133571404c4b4af6f0247a52a03743714911da9fa7fb2482065959f2f3cd3 yes/no

I am working heavily on improving the performance and security of the XBridge Blocknet protocol and this work will continue through December. I'm working on improving XBridge concurrency (multithreading) to allow supporting 100+ coins on a single service node. I'm hardening the security of the XBridge protocol. Additionally, I'm conducting code reviews on Block DX and XRouter development.

December tasks:

- Improve the performance of Blocknet RPC calls to support high frequency trading bots
- Service node and trader node security checks and improvements
- Additional order failure checks
- (service nodes automatically attempt to redeem trader's failed orders on their behalf)
- Bug fixes and XBridge maintenance

Block DX
Block DX electron app development:
- Auto-updating release versions (in progress, at the certificate signing stage)
- Continued work on fixing bugs and improving the user experience

XRouter SPV
We are really close to releasing XRouter. We're working on performance issues and security. I will be helping the team with these tasks.

Wallet Redesign
These tasks are considered a low priority right now, the current in-progress screens are:
- Settings screen (done)
- Tools Peers List
- Tools BIP38
- Tools Wallet Repair
- Tools Debug Console (done)
- General Info Popups (done)

A new Accounts screen was designed by Hanni. The goal with this screen is to show the user their addresses and the balance for each.

Total: 6000 BLOCK
I submitted two proposals of 3000 BLOCK each. The payment will be made out of the community funds if the proposal passes but is bumped from the Superblock.
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Superblock 691200 Final Proposals Empty Re: Superblock 691200 Final Proposals

on Tue Nov 27, 2018 3:17 pm
Proposal: hanniabu-691200
Owner: Hanni Abu | @hanniabu on Discord/Telegram
Total: 2200 BLOCK
mnbudget vote d8fbfcc5e3193d4897da40d548beb6b5115bc86944b293e3bfaa43b6b6509f03 yes/no/abstain


As a core contributor of Blocknet, I take part in many daily tasks that help keep the project running smoothly, as well as larger tasks that move Blocknet forward. Putting in an average 60 hours a week, I partake in projects that build Blocknet's foundation and assist in other projects in order to help meet objectives. This proposal is for compensation to allow me to continue contributing to Blocknet.

I have a technical background with a degree in mechanical engineering, prior development experience, and have spent a few years a a few early stage startups (pre and post seed round). This experience helps in various aspects of the project including working in a fast-paced environment, wearing multiple 'hats', pivoting priorities and tasks, understanding the project technicals and vision, communicating the different components, conveying concepts into diagrams and text, and budgeting and financials.

Attention to detail is another useful trait. When reviewing interface UI and user experience, performing QA, writing specifications and documents, and communicating concepts, this attention to detail is important as it's typically the intricacies that make a difference.

Past Contributions
I began contributing in August 2017 when I saw there were areas the project could use help in. The first thing I worked on was an informational website (blocknetprotocol.com) since informational resources we lacking. This led to submitting my first Superblock proposal that next month for further contribution.

Since then I have been responsible for multiple projects and tasks, as well have assisted in others. Some of these items are as follows:

- API documentation: https://api.blocknet.co/
- Research on automated blockchain testing
- New configurations file format: https://github.com/BlocknetDX/blockchain-configuration-files
- Compose documentation
- Compose content
- Compose specifications
- Wallet QA
- Block DX QA
- Participate in interviews
- Roadmap discussion
- Manage and organize files and documents
- Review announcements and publications
- Convention prep, attending convention, and followups
- Newsletter content, review, and submission
- Respond to questions from the community
- Respond to emails
- Fill out applications and forms

Past Month
Below is a list of items I have been working on the past month.

- Daily intra-team communication and coordination
- Reviewed/finalized the newsletter
- Submitted newsletter email
- Prepped and staged updates for https://api.blocknet.co
- Task management of Block DX improvements
---- Manage priorities
---- Write up tasks/specs
- Wallet QA
---- Redesign Settings screen
---- Redesign Tools > Debug Console
---- Bugs
- Block DX QA
---- In-app updating
---- In-app manifest updating
---- Open/filled orders revamp
---- Own order distinction
---- Scaling issues
---- Bugs
- Design Wallet redesign Accounts screen
- Roadmap discussions (in finalization)
- Documentation portal (in progress)
- XBridge API QA
- XRouter API QA (in progress)
- Review configuration files
- Configuration file testing tools
- Write and submit burn fund proposal
- Spec writeups (in progress)
- Review documents
- Update announcements

In addition to daily tasks, the following list are main items I plan to be working on. Keep in mind that some of these may not be completed this month or may be pushed back due to a change in priority.

- Website content (documentation portal)
- Wallet tutorial videos
- Block DX tutorial videos
- Javascript library for generating, checking, compiling, and searching configs

Work has begun on these items with the plan to release a majority of it throughout the next month.

As a retainer to continue contributing to this project, the following amount is requested for this Superblock with payment to be made out of the community funds if the proposal passes but is bumped.

Total - 2400 BLOCK

@~$1.35 BLOCK = $3.2k/mo = $38.9k/yr
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Superblock 691200 Final Proposals Empty Re: Superblock 691200 Final Proposals

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