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Blocknets First self-funded proposal Empty Blocknets First self-funded proposal

Mon Sep 25, 2017 5:29 pm
Proposal 1: Payment for the ongoing development of the Blocknet

Rationale: To ensure ongoing evolution and development of the Blocknet is financially secure.

Sprint agenda:

  • Service node verification system.
    Wallet UI fixes.
    API updates for UI integration.
    Xbridge compatibility checks for UI.
    Support for new coins integration.
    Error tracking
    Genesis tests
    DX Automated Unit Testing.
    Currently unannounced upcoming features.

Cost assessment:

  • ATC Team - 600+50 BLOCK.
    Euro Team - 500+50 BLOCK.
    Testing Team & Test Currencies - 400+5+50 BLOCK
    DX Unit Test and Tooling Team & Test Fees - 400+5+50 BLOCK.

Total: 2110 Blocks
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