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Appoint Project Coordinator Empty Appoint Project Coordinator

Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:28 pm
This is a proposal to appoint (by funding) Hanni Abukhater as Project Coordinator.

Hanni is a mechanical engineer by training with experience in control systems, software, and project management. Dan and Arlyn interviewed him and are excited about his involvement in the project. Prior to this proposal being finalised, he has stepped in voluntarily to assist in many respects, which has been a great help.

Role description
This position entails wide-ranging tasks which may include, but are not restricted to:
- Communicating project progress and updates with the community
- Prioritizing tasks and focusing efforts on these tasks
- Developing a sustainable structure in which the project is able to grow and build upon
- Establishing a widely distributed contributor base
- Synchronizing community driven efforts and maintaining a network society culture

Funding scope
This proposal is to fund Hanni's first three months of work.
These three months are a provisional period, which will give Hanni an opportunity to learn about the project and to start to put in place various tools and processes, and to form relationships. A shorter period would both put the security of his income at risk and unnecessarily reduce his ability to show what he wants to do for the project.

1. A fixed amount of 100 BLOCK/month
2. A variable amount of $2500/month at the BLOCK price at the time of submitting a proposal
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