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Superblock 129600 - Appoint Social Media Coordinator Empty Superblock 129600 - Appoint Social Media Coordinator

on Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:27 am
This is a proposal to appoint (by funding) Philip Marshall as Social media coordinator
To provide funding to maintain and ensure the Blocknet social media presence is  responsive to community needs.  Currently this role is filled on a voluntary basis by community member Philip Marshall.

Philip MarshalI has a background in Post-production and currently works in university education but also has experience of running, marketing and undertaking the logistics for 2 non-profit businesses which were geared towards people helping themselves escape from poverty.

In addition, Philip Marshall created, and is the administrator for the following social media sites:

  • Blocknet Medium
  • Blocknet Steemit
  • Blocknet Youtube
  • Co-administrator for the blocknet Slack, Reddit, Rocketchat and Facebook sites.
  • Over the last 6 months he has fielded and answered questions across social media and maintained the sites above, updating them as required.
  • He has also contributed to various marketing initiatives as well as authoring and co-authoring various documents.
  • He has also reached out to arrange various interviews for the Development team on various podcasts and Youtube channels.

Role Description:

  • To raise the social media profile of Blocknet.
  • To ensure communications from the developers and marketing team can be transmitted in a clear and timely manner to the community.
  • To expand the potential community base and continue to build on existing relationships.
  • To monitor and analyse current trends and respond to them.
  • To facilitate online conversations and respond to them in a timely manner.
  • To be responsive to community needs.
  • To participate as part of a coordinated marketing team.
  • To continue to contribute to marketing materials and initiatives.

Funding Scope:
This proposal is to fund 4 months work on a provisional basis and to cover the ramping up of marketing and social media as the UI release draws near.
Current time spent on documentation: 1 - 2 hours daily.
Current time spent managing social media: 2 - 3 hours daily.
Total: 3-5 hours daily.

Total Cost Assessment:
A fixed amount of 40 BLOCK per month / 1.33 BLOCK per day plus 50 BLOCK submission fee to be paid out from the Redeem Fund.
Superblock Total: 0 BLOCK
Redeem Fund Total: 210 BLOCK

How To Vote
  • Open wallet and go to Tools > Debug Console. The debug console will open in a new window.
  • In the console, type in the following:
    mnbudget vote 4b1db9cc2ce5876ddbfc1dc947ec4a3b73c03d1a7f489b6f039c53a9510f65c2 yes
  • If voting from the terminal, type in the following:
    blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote 4b1db9cc2ce5876ddbfc1dc947ec4a3b73c03d1a7f489b6f039c53a9510f65c2 yes

For more detailed instructions see: https://blocknetdx.forumotion.com/t6-blocknet-proposal-introduction-guide
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Superblock 129600 - Appoint Social Media Coordinator Empty Re: Superblock 129600 - Appoint Social Media Coordinator

on Mon Feb 11, 2019 4:40 am
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